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Author Favorite area

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Posts: 19
Location: Eastern Canada
Joined: 23.03.06
Posted on Dec 19 2008 01:28
I'd like to know what your favorite area is. If you can't narrow it down to one, that is fine. Give a little info on the area also and why you like it so much. If you are feeling overly ambitious, break it down by tier you have access to.

Mind over matter.
Scrambled Trout 2944684
Author RE: Favorite area

Posts: 6
Joined: 09.09.08
Posted on Dec 19 2008 05:35
Pyrrus Isle. Because I wrote it! Just kidding. It's actually a terrible area and I would love to go back and re-do it. For my seriously favorite area, I've always loved Neraka. I'm still very partial to Borley Manor. Both are well written, have a good story to them. It's an area that you can get into the story, not just hack n' slash.
As for lowmort, I love what Kariya did with the new carnival area. I also always liked Mt. Durr. Same reasons as above. Immersive areas, not just hack zones.

Author RE: Favorite area

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Posts: 26
Location: Seeking hidden knowledge
Joined: 28.01.07
Posted on Dec 20 2008 22:12
My favourite area is Igecsoz, for similar reasons... I love how much detail it contains about the trogs, and the different aspects of the city from armour making to rice farming.

The wide level range makes it a great place to remind people about the consider command also!

English does not borrow from other languages. English follows other languages into dark alleys, raps them over the head with a cudgel, then goes through their pockets for loose vocabulary and spare grammar.
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Author RE: Favorite area

Posts: 5
Joined: 30.06.08
Posted on Dec 21 2008 04:37
I'll pick 3.

The first is nubrius. This is primarily because it used to be (darn you wzd trainer) completely isolated and traffic free, so I used it as a remote hangout spot and tend to morph alts from the altar up on the hill to (relative) success.

Second is The Forgotten One. Few reasons for that, firstly, I miss yoyo, he was amusing. Secondly, it's choc full of corny puns, which (while most people disagree) is a plus and is generally amusing in description and concept. Thirdly, it also had a great recall room.

Finally, I'm going to have to pick game because it's hilarious to run. Although, I liked it Dev v CC more than Bhy vs Shz. It also doesn't make a lot of sense conceptually, but that doesn't bother me very much. It's so simplistic yet so frightening to people.
Author RE: Favorite area

Posts: 65
Joined: 22.11.06
Posted on Dec 21 2008 16:35
My favorite area is Borley Manor. I LOVE the storyline. Hence why I held a quest there.

For Lord, I love Noctopia. Especially the red water rooms... there's just such an air of mystery around it. And danger. I also like Pulse's areas (especially Transfigured Forest).

A few builder thoughts:
I felt so honored when Necropolis had all of its rooms and extra-descriptions captured into the wiki (if you click on the rooms link on the main wiki page). Of my own, that's my favorite area. I tried hard especially with the room titles (so they look neat on death info. I love the room titles in Transfigured Forest; that was my inspiration).

- Zahri

p.s. Kenji -- feel free to email me at my outland.org address (zahri) and tell me what you would change.

p.p.s. being home in Chicago again is nice, but
Author RE: Favorite area

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Posts: 23
Location: Kansas City, MO
Joined: 26.02.07
Posted on Dec 22 2008 15:19
Lowmort - I think Library of Chalmus. I like the story and the quest was fun to figure out.
Hero - I'd have to say either Citadel Of Arcanists or Borley Manor. I love places with stories to figure out with quests that walk you though it.
Lord - I run lord so little I'm usually focused on staying alive. It is one of my complaints that lordruns are more "kill and stay alive" than the story of the places. But I'm also a big solo-er and that is not an option at lord. *shrug*
Author RE: Favorite area

Posts: 49
Joined: 28.06.06
Posted on Dec 24 2008 09:51
Zarf wrote:

Lord - I run lord so little I'm usually focused on staying alive. It is one of my complaints that lordruns are more "kill and stay alive" than the story of the places. But I'm also a big solo-er and that is not an option at lord. *shrug*

Well, what area is the most thrilling to run yet stay alive in?
What place is your biggest challenge/dare/etc?
Author RE: Favorite area

Posts: 9
Location: Creston, BC, Canada
Joined: 27.07.07
Posted on Dec 24 2008 22:03
To pick just one is nearly impossible - there are so many really well written areas, but if I had to, I would say Haunted Forest. I love the history you can discover, it is well connected to other areas, has some challenge & puzzels to figure out & has some useful equipment/items. Other favorites are Temple of Utami/Neraka, Shadow Keep, Battleground, igecsoz, Borley & Silmarvar Labrynth. I like anything with a puzzel to figure out & most of the ticket quests are well done - some easier than others I really like the areas that give some history of AVATAR.

I thought Winterland was excellent. I really liked the mob programs & the puzzels they presented - they really made you think! The new DC quests are also a nice addition.
Author RE: Favorite area

Posts: 4
Joined: 24.10.07
Posted on Jan 06 2009 02:12
Well, I for one have to nominate the Diplomatic Corps because I wrote it. HAH! Actually, its good but not the best.

Lowmort - Igesocz
Hero - Transfigured Forest
Lord - Karnath
Jewcy18 Jewcy19@hotmail.com Sisco900@yahoo.com
Author RE: Favorite area

Posts: 4
Location: Portland, OR, US
Joined: 24.03.06
Posted on Jan 06 2009 19:44
Taking a cue from Zahri, I'll do both my favorite and my favorite that I've written:

1) Favorite I wrote: either Village of Gnimh, or the Senex Operis/Ruins of Keresh combo (it was written as one concept and broken into two areas for various reasons). Gnimh is very clean conceptually, and I enjoyed working some lore and tips into the area (it's a really simple cypher to break). Also, the elevator is still a little known trick. Senex/Keresh because it's a lot of fun to write ruins, and I got to do some research for the gladiator's arena -- every one of those gladiators was an actual Roman gladiatorial style, accurately equipped.

2) Favorite: Memory Lane. What can I say, I'm a sucker for lore! I remember when it went in, and the lords banding together to figure out the quest. It was a great community moment, and a great area in general.

TheNadreck TheNadreck@msn.com TheNadreck http://nadreck.me
Author RE: a nice area for hero caster soloing

Posts: 35
Joined: 21.12.07
Posted on Jan 09 2009 14:50
i've always liked Obsidian Tower for low(ish) level hero caster soloing. it's a bit small, but the mobs give nice xp and are interesting, as is the area layout & story. i'll also second some areas already mentioned: arcanists, utami. for low mort i like Frozen Court, i've always been surprised not to see more people there.
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