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Author Feedback about Avatar and its players

Posts: 1
Joined: 01.08.08
Posted on Jan 13 2009 12:29
Passwords for All Nyneve’s Alts

The password to Nyneve and all her alts are ichmrm. These alts include Lilandriel, Genevriel, Didonas, Iras and Alhana. For Galadria, the password is dnfisdaip. Please assist to get these alts deleted permanently.

I am sickened by the bullying, pettiness, and cruelty that is exhibited by key players of Avatar.

Having confronted them of the above, they have justify their actions with a total disregard that there is a feeling person behind every alt in this game.
They self-proclaim to be prosecutor, judge, jury, and executor of the sentences that they deem appropriate to inflict on players that do not share their views and standard of play. This is cruel and juvenile. Yet they are the people many players aspire to be, conditioned by the standards these monsters have set.
Hayami, Arcano, Numenor, Skurt, Omengo, Avantgarde, these despicable monsters are you.

For those close to me, I am shamed by your handling of the matter. You seem to condone this to my disappointment. Please reflect upon what I have said and follow through with my wishes.

Finally, I will miss the affection and love from all those I hold dear. Kricket, Chipper, Crim, Rakasha, Xouk, Sizzle, Shingo, you have been the best of friends and individuals. Please do not ever allow them to make you feel like you are worth nothing. For you are the goodness and joy of the realm.


I posted the above note and have received many replies. In these replies, many have told me that they themselves have been through such experiences and continue to do so even today, amid comforting words about my departure. Apparently, this situation is not new to the game, but is it to be endured by posterity? I refuse to accept this, and thus, will continue the fight by making this know to more. People should be away of how they can be potentially end up facing in Avatar.
Author RE: Feedback about Avatar and its players

User Avatar

Posts: 91
Location: UK
Joined: 14.07.05
Posted on Jan 13 2009 13:20
Passwords have been changed from the details given. Please do not continue to post the old details as they are now redundant.

No one below Host+ immortal should be accessing or attempting to access these characters now that the passwords have been changed. Thank you.

I am sorry that you felt that you had no alternative but to leave.

I am aware that you brought some concerns to our attention but we had little time to investigate or take any action before you decided to depart so cannot coment on the validity of your concerns.

If you want to email me at riviat@outland.org to discuss this further, please feel free do to so.

Author RE: Feedback about Avatar and its players

Posts: 65
Joined: 22.11.06
Posted on Jan 13 2009 14:23
Nyneve - I am also offering my email - Zahri (at) outland.org - if you want to talk. I am sorry I was not more helpful on Saturday, but I had no idea the problem had existed for a while.

Actually when you first posted in the game I was annoyed I did not have your email, since it seems you wish I could have handled the situation better. Just let me know how I/Riv/Imms can help please.
Author RE: Feedback about Avatar and its players

Posts: 3
Joined: 05.10.08
Posted on Jan 15 2009 03:34

Sorry to see you leave--we used to group together before you joined SoC.

I understand your frustration with certain players on Avatar. I have also encountered my fair share of "bad apples." I do not know the exact circumstances of your experiences, but I am sad that we will be losing a person who was always generous to newbies, genuinely cared about Avatar, and was always pleasant to talk to.

When Avatar loses players like yourself, we all lose. Avatar is a community first and foremost; at least that is what keeps me coming back. But it's times like this when I have to ask myself if the saying, "One bad apple ruins the barrel" has more than a bit of truth to it.

I hope you do contact Zahri and Riviat, but if you don't best of luck in your future adventures.

Author RE: Feedback about Avatar and its players

Posts: 2
Location: Delaware
Joined: 16.01.09
Posted on Jan 18 2009 11:32

I've been playing avatar since 1995 when there were anywhere from 250 to 500 players on at any given time. However, I have never seen anyone act in the manner that you mention. While I know some people can be a little ignorant, mainly higher level chars, I still don't see the benefit to posting your char details on the forums or spam the list to make your point. Would have been quicker to just delete them yourself. You should have just contacted an Imm!

Author RE: Feedback about Avatar and its players

Posts: 49
Joined: 28.06.06
Posted on Jan 19 2009 12:29
Keep in mind folks that if you have issues with fellow players or Immortals,
the best thing to do is contact an Immortal.

EVERY Immortal * will listen to you and if possible take action right away.
Sometimes we do need to evaluate the situation, so we cannot act right away.

Do not take matters and action into your own hands. It is counter effective.

* Yes, EVERY Immortal. It is our job!
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