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Posted on Jan 29 2009 20:56
No other word can describe it. I was in Regen, from running the Hero Quest, in a group led by Se padre. As I regenerated I read the posts of Nynve and her unfortunate experiences, when The subject came up amongst the regennning group of the fact that the healing was going solely to the tank.
I was running Stonecutter, lowmort hero. I offered the idea that the healer should Heal the tank except when a group member got aggro ed and was at 150 hp or below. I was told to shut up. That it was MY responsibility to sneak/move hidden and if I didn't have an assortment of potions, well then I had NO business being in the quest group anyways as I was such a low hero. Furthermore that the cleric/healers weren't going to "waste" mana on me when the tank was all that mattered. And don't get me wrong, this was NOT said politely, not even a modicum of manners, the language rules were NOT respected. In essence it was, ya sure, we need the meatsheild but if you get hit well gee that's too bad. Don't like it ? then get lost.
How did matters come to pass that not only is this the PREVALENT attitude, in a group of 16 players NO ONE disagrees with it ?
Imms, Angles, Staff, SNikt, it is well PAST time to take some names and kick some butt.
Avatar is becoming a mud of the Clique. If you are the 'right' kind of people well then yes, EVERYTHING is yours to claim or be given. If you are not in the Clique, well then sure you can tag along but if you get into trouble you're on yer own.
Bear in mind also that the 'expulsion' from this group removes my opportunity at ANY QP's, Grossly unfair, as well as the large number of widows tears and P GEMS already accumulated. Sure Stonecutter probably didn't kill anything but he certainly hit really well and took some hits in return.
I've been around avatar in one form or another since 19959-1996 and I have never experienced ANYTHING even remotely resembling This, anything that came close got IMM spanked hard, fast and deservedly so.
I dismissed Nyveve's post as perhaps a person with Real world problems that affected her individual mudding. I discussed it with Snikt to some extent.
I see now that her claim, and many others need to be re evaluated, the named names need to be addressed.
Is Avatar to be a Community MUD still or will the degradation into a 'Members Only" clique be ignored until it is a harsh reality that has gone beyond reversing ?
This is not simply aboput Sotnecutter's expereince, it is a genuine inquiry into the very heart of what the mud IS and wants to be ;
Community, open and welcoming to all
Clique - sure you can hang out since we can't stop you but get into trouble and oh well, you'r not 'our' kind of people.
Which is it to be ?
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