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Author Rules

Posts: 28
Joined: 27.01.07
Posted on Jan 29 2009 21:47
Sure. We need more rules like we need more mobs. Except we DO need more rules and more enforcement of existing rules.
Here is what I propose ;
Recognizing that the 'clique' is established, groups now have 2 categories -
Private and public.
Private group - subject to Avatar rules but no specific groups rules for private groups.
Public groups - Subject to Avatar rules AND to the following :
1. The group Leader is responsible and ACCOUNTABLE for groupies - No 'abuse' of other groupies either verbal or via socials.
2. Leader is responsible for Groupies not dying or ensuring they get CR as needed. Leader who DENIES healing to ANY group member to 'save mana' is to be punished by IMMS.
3. Public Group is open to anyone within level limits and group abilities. A hero 500+ group might legit refuse a hero Lev 7 because they could not keep it alive for run, but cannot refuse a 101+ under any circumstances.
4. QUESTS may ONLY be run by Public groups. Quest imm to covertly join & monitor group so ensure EVERYONE who qualifies receives an equal chance to participate including but not limited to receiving rescues, healing and lottery divvy as well as QPS.
5. Players who report abuse of Grouping privileges are to LOG where the abuses occurred. and report to an IMM asap. Abuses witnessed by IMM during quest are to result in guilty party being site Banned for duration of quest.
Why not on the Creative board ?
Because this isnt being 'creative'.
It is being realistic.
This problem exists and is Deep rooted. It need to be rooted out and Draconian measures ARE called for. No one should ever be told " shut up. You're too little to have a say in this group'.
Respectfully submitted
Author RE: Rules

Posts: 14
Location: Australia
Joined: 10.03.08
Posted on Jan 29 2009 23:11
Most of your suggested rules are redundant as they are covered by etiquette. The others are either not enforcable or are undesirable. Players should be free to play with (or not play with) whomever they choose so long as etiquette is observed. There can not be a standing rule that any player MUST heal any other play at any time or for any reason.

If these rules were implemented the result would be that all groups would become "private" groups making it harder for newer or less established players.
Edited by Trevaine on Jan 29 2009 23:22
Author RE: Rules

User Avatar

Posts: 8
Location: Oregon
Joined: 21.08.07
Posted on Jan 29 2009 23:22
Lorimel is upset because after demanding that the healer div when the healer asked who the mains were, many members of a public hero group told him that, "no, his hero 45 warrior is not going to be healed" by the large group's lone healer and that he should use sneak/movehidden so he won't be aggied by mobs which ignore everyone else. He retorted that 'you're not the group leader' and stormed off.

Edit: The idea was presented to Lorimel that since he knows he has a low hp alt, he should bring quaffs. He did not enjoy this idea either.
Edited by Kiruzog on Jan 29 2009 23:28
Author RE: Rules

Posts: 28
Joined: 27.01.07
Posted on Jan 30 2009 00:57
No Lorimel is upset because the fundamental underlying principles that make Avatar what it is are increasingly being ignored and anyone who tries to follow them ridiculed at best, ostracized at worst. Etiquette never used to NEED enforcing because we had a player pool who 'got' the concept of working towards a common goal AS A GROUP.
Now with Bot central and cliques the order of the day increasingly Etiquette is becoming 'passe'.
Am I truly the only one who finds this disturbing ? or i am just the only one who STILL believes that Avatar can become a COMMUNITY again rather than a hangout for Cliques ?
Author RE: Rules

Posts: 28
Joined: 27.01.07
Posted on Jan 30 2009 00:59
trevaine, please go read nvyes posts. clearly the 'rules' are needed and pretty quickly at that.
Author RE: Rules

User Avatar

Posts: 8
Location: Oregon
Joined: 21.08.07
Posted on Jan 30 2009 01:17
I was explaining what happened in the group for people who weren't there, I felt it was appropriate to do since you posted this after the hero quest.
Author RE: Rules

Posts: 4
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Joined: 10.03.08
Posted on Jan 30 2009 06:25
No need to snipe back and forth. Lorimel, if you have proposed suggestions RE: grouping rules, please submit them to the Immortals on board 2.

Author RE: solution

Posts: 3
Joined: 18.03.07
Posted on Jan 30 2009 06:34
ppl should solo more.. problem solved
Author RE: Rules

Posts: 49
Joined: 28.06.06
Posted on Jan 30 2009 18:14
Lorimel, others.

I personally believe you are all taking this too serious.
I have been here for fifteen years, and I have seen this situation come and go.

As an Immortal I can only ask you all to calm down and understand one another so we can work through this and take measures if needed.

As a player and a person I'd like to say;
People need to calm down and give one another the benefit of the doubt.
Right now everyone just glares at one another suspiciously, and it doesn't help solve anything.

Some of the draconian measures you suggest will only make matters worse.
It will create more cliques and nobody new will ever get a chance to grow as a person and a player.
Punishment for not properly protecting groupies will lead to people no longer leading, and that would be only the beginning.

Tracking every little thing that happens during a quest (outside of the enormosity of the task) will lead to paranoia and backstabbing ("i got a crappy item, leaderX is unfair"

Ok, lastly, as the head of the QUest track I will say that I will review the current quest etiquette and make it more clearer in case there are issues **as far as general playing rules and reward rules**
I will not interfere with the way groups are put together (unless the make-up of a group is part of the quest)

PS = If there are indeed issues with qp distribution and lotto then I would like to be told of this, with examples and cases.
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