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Author What are some of your favorite AVATAR "Easter Eggs"?

Posts: 65
Joined: 22.11.06
Posted on Feb 08 2010 03:06
I define Easter Eggs as anything that is not immediately obvious -- either you have to look at something in the room, or push something, or do another similar action, etc.

A bit of back story on mine:

When I was asked by Devastant (then the head builder) to redo the temple north of Mervue (then New Thalos), there was a fountain near the entry way. When you drank from it, a few priestesses ran up and shouted "BLASPHEMY!!"

So this is what I did, to honor the previous area:

Center of Shizaga's Temple
[Exits: north east south west up]
Alabaster walls glow slightly as chanting echoes
off the walls. The high dome peaks over this
reflecting pool, grand and majestic.
A reflecting pool sits here, its water like a sheet of glass.

You guzzle water from a reflecting pool.
A priestess runs up and shouts, 'It's STILL blasphemy
to drink from this pool! You should know better by now!'.

There is also an Easter Egg in the Meadow:

Northern Meadow
[Exits: north east south west]
A pile of stones are stacked here, holding up a small sign. As you step
around it you notice a skeletal hand sticking out from under one of the rocks. Poor fellow probably got devoured by a vicious field mouse.

look sign
Here I lie for eternity. If only I had learned to SCAN the land better.

What other things have you guys found?

For the Retro Team,
- Zahri
Author RE: What are some of your favorite AVATAR "Easter Eggs"?

User Avatar

Posts: 35
Location: Southern California
Joined: 24.06.06
Posted on Feb 08 2010 03:36
My all time favorites are in Borley Manor. It is full of them and they are funny and silly and enjoyable to read. Some of my favorites there:

There are many types of books here, from cookbooks ("Kobold Canapes and Goblin Goulash: Recipes for Adventurers" to atlases ("Maps of the Midgaard Plane", volumes 1-27) to fiction ("An Angel called Snikt: an Unauthorized Bio of the
Daemon". Nothing of particular interest to you at the moment, though.


Smells good, doesn't it? As you lean closer for a better look (and maybe a taste) you notice what looks like an eyeball floating in the soup. Suddenly, you lose your appetite.

and one more:

In Darii's name, what a smell! Are you sure you want to go in there?

Cerdwyn, Staph Immortal of Avatar MUD

Avatar.... the Legend Continues

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Any sufficiently advanced MUD is indistinguishable from magic.
Author RE: More Easter Eggs ;)

Posts: 65
Joined: 22.11.06
Posted on Feb 09 2010 01:37
A Stone Tunnel
[Exits: west down]
With a flash of light you step into a stone tunnel. Along the walls are carved the INITIALS of past adventurers. There is a bright white light shining from the portal to the west and the portal in the floor.


look initials
Crudely etched into the walls are the following:

I have the power... Crom
Does everyone really hate me?... Snikt
He did WHAT??? The Emperor
Nobody remembers me anymore... Ironhand


When mobprogs went in, Liam's funky root quest had two lines tacked onto the end:

You give a funky root to Liam.
Liam says, "Oh good, a Manduck root. Here's a handful of coins for your reward."
Liam gives you a handful of coins!

Liam groans; another funky root - just what I need.

Liam mutters something about you under his breath.
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