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Author What are some of your favorite AVATAR Mobs?

Posts: 65
Joined: 22.11.06
Posted on Feb 08 2010 03:12
Here is my favorite:

(Invis) (Black Aura) (Sneak) (Aggie to All) Her Ladyship, the Dark Queen Zydarielle awaits.

The Queen is tall and rapier thin. A tight black dress explodes into a cacophony of billowing shreds below her waist. Her hair has been cropped short and is almost indistinguishable from the shadowy crown upon her brow. Her skin is like ivory, and her
large, pale eyes burn with legendary cruelty. Her long, thin wings twitch, shaking the silver chains which dangle from multiple piercings.
Zydarielle, Queen of Stars is in perfect health.

What are some of yours? (more than one is fine)

For the Retro Team,
- Zahri
Author RE: What are some of your favorite AVATAR Mobs?

Posts: 3
Joined: 20.11.07
Posted on Feb 08 2010 03:49
For lord mobs, I've always been partial to Duke Zarradyn, maybe it's just his name, the run, or his short but sweet description.

(Black Aura) A Dark Fae Duke controls the Balefire in the forest above.

The Duke wears a contemptuous snear for those he considers magically weaker than himself, which is just about everybody.

For hero mobs, I have a certain affection for Zaertses in Antharia. I'm an archaeologist, and this mob's love of relics and artifacts goes right to my heart Of course he tries to sell the artifacts which is a no-no, but I'll look past it just this once!

Zaertses is here trying to sell you an old Antharian relic.

Zaertses spends most of his life trying to collect and restore old and
powerful Antharian relics. Of these, he will sell some, and keep the
others for himself. He also donates some relics to the Antharian
councils, which are said to be displayed in a museum inside the

For low mortal mobs, I absolutely love Papio. Very strong with his throwing weapon, fun description, and I have an alt named Papio that I can log in and message people with when they die to the mob Papio (which happens a surprisngly large number of times). Yay fun!

Papio, the biggest baboon of the tribe, sits picking fleas from his fur.

Papio is the chief of the baboons who now rule the Sableroix estate. He is probably one of the largest baboons to ever live. He stands almost ten feet tall on the top of legs the size of tree trunks. His long muscular arms reach all the way down to his knees. His eyes are red and angry that something has trespassed on his domain. He stretches his huge arms out, arching his back, and screaming a deafening warcry to show all intruders that he is the boss and not to be trifled with.
Author RE: What are some of your favorite AVATAR Mobs?

User Avatar

Posts: 23
Location: Kansas City, MO
Joined: 26.02.07
Posted on Feb 08 2010 05:12
For low mortal (could it be anyone else?):

(Demonic) A man with an ugly, scraggly, tangled, misshapen, poorly groomed, gnarled, lice infested, vile, knotted, twisted, repugnant, malodorous, unpleasant, malformed, greasey, nasty, crispy, food-covered beard is here.

For hero:

(Translucent) (White Aura) The universe made manifest, The Celestial stands here.

Armed with a finely crafted arbalest, the Celestial is prepared to defend
itself from any and all attacks. It would perhaps be best to not attack the
physical manifestation of the universe; it looks like its got an itchy trigger

I don't have any lord mobs (don't run lord).

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