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Author Funniest mud memories?

Posts: 65
Joined: 22.11.06
Posted on Mar 28 2010 03:27
When I was just starting out, I thought 'scan' and 'sanctum' were rogue-only. Because Yoyo (thief) got them.

My very first char was level 1. I thought the claw social did damage to mobs, so I kept using it...

... and I kept getting kicked off for spamming the MUD. I had to recreate 2 or 3 times before I got to level 2. Guess it was good I was stubborn and kept trying.
Author RE: Funniest mud memories?

Posts: 6
Joined: 09.09.08
Posted on Apr 04 2010 19:22
I recall two. One was when Riviat (or maybe Mendek, not sure) set several players' shorts to Britney and Christina and had them catfight on hero. The comments were hilarious.

The second was when Snikt set the Sic command to level 1, and then players had a field day sicc'ing each other. This went on for a good ten minutes, and how we never crashed the mud I don't know.
Author RE: Funniest mud memories?

User Avatar

Posts: 35
Location: Southern California
Joined: 24.06.06
Posted on Apr 05 2010 02:03
Goodness. That's a tough one Ms. Zahri.

I think one of the best was a lord run back when Reuben was still around. He loved to yank chains and loved to switch into mobs. Well, he did. And then tried to rescue the mob we were fighting. Of course, we did crash that time! And couldn't decide whether to be ticked at him or to laugh.

Sometimes memories are funny in retrospect that were not so funny back then.

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Any sufficiently advanced MUD is indistinguishable from magic.
Author RE: Funniest mud memories?

Posts: 49
Joined: 28.06.06
Posted on Apr 10 2010 02:44
When I 'CONsidered' my first mob, I figured "death will thank you for your gift" meant that Death would be happy if I sent the poor soul to him. So I was really confused when I woke up in whatever place we had as cloud back then. (We had no huge mudschool then and a classmate told me it would be safe to go walk around and kill in old-midgaard)
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