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Author zMUD and Windows 7

Posts: 17
Location: Central Florida, USA
Joined: 18.02.07
Posted on Aug 25 2010 22:37
I was wondering if anyone knew if or how to get zMUD to run under Windows 7 home edition as I am getting a new computer as an early present, and I know zMUD has had some issues running under Windows 7, but it seams like there was a work around for it. Any info or help would be much appreciated.

SerpWAR et army of alts
Author RE: zMUD and Windows 7

Posts: 13
Location: Arizona
Joined: 03.05.10
Posted on Aug 26 2010 16:07
I have Windows 7 and a trial version of Zmud. I couldn't get it to run properly, and eventually just gave in and bought CMud. I played around with emulation settings, compatibility, etc. No dice.

For what it's worth, Cmud is pretty dang nice. Very stable, no crashes, good features. Pricey, so the question is if it's worth it to you.
Author RE: zMUD and Windows 7

Posts: 14
Joined: 28.01.07
Posted on Aug 26 2010 19:31
Zmud has a few quirks that you need to work around in order to run in on Windows 7, but other than that it runs fine.

First, you need to go into system properties and turn off Data Execution Prevention for zmud.exe. Because of Zmud's weird copy protection, the executable is mostly encrypted on disk, but decrypts itself when loaded into memory. Naturally that would cause DEP to shut it down, so it needs to be excluded.

Next, you have to run Zmud as an admin once before it will work properly. After running it as admin once you should be able to run it normally.

If that workaround doesn't work satisfactorily, then you should look into getting a newer client.
Author RE: zMUD and Windows 7

Posts: 17
Location: Central Florida, USA
Joined: 18.02.07
Posted on Aug 27 2010 00:00
Thanks for the quick reply Neyne I will give that a try when my new computer gets here, but atleast someone has a way to run it so atleast it does work even if it takes a little fine tuning to get it there.

SerpWAR et army of alts
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