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Posted on Oct 18 2010 00:45
Along time ago in a galaxy far away… oh wait, wrong fairy tale.

Once upon a time, many years before the great god known as Admin breathed life into Planet Bob, a Daemon known as Snikt decided to try his own hand at creating a world. From this vision A.V.A.T.A.R. was born. This was a time when America OnLine ruled the etherwaves (along with Prodigy and Compuserve) and many people used small local BBs to link to this new thing called the net. There were file transfer protocols and the infant Internet Relay Chat was the place to go to exchange words and .wavs and .gifs. The great Daemon’s world could only be accessed through a magic called Telnet. And it was the evening and the morning of the first day. Snikt saw what he had created and it was good.

And when he awoke on the second day, Snikt said let there be mobiles and rooms and potions and spells and all things magical to fill this realm with elves and dwarves, warriors and mages, sprites and giants, clerics and thieves. People came to play and to annihilate mobiles and be annihilated by them. Snikt saw this and it was good. More players of all ages and nationalities came to play and Snikt wanted more and so did players and thus Heroes were born. Local Internet Service Providers were growing rampant and competing with the carriers of yesterday. And people came to play, and they grew every bolder and they had fun. And it was the evening and the morning of the second day. Snikt saw what he had created and it was good.

Snikt woke on the third day to the heroes clamoring for more challenges and different play. And Snikt cried out, “Let there be Lords!” and there were Lords and the lords were ever so secretive about their actions, but they killed bigger and bigger mobiles and fount in larger and larger groups. 386s had begat 486s and 486s had begat Pentiums and sound and graphics grew more massive and required faster processors and more memory and this begat other universes with graphics and sounds but Snikt was not concerned. And it was the evening and the morning of the third day. Snikt saw what he had created and it was good.

As the fourth day dawned, Snikt required more help and he brought in builders and programmers and designers to help build his world. He wanted more. He plotted as graphic interfaces grew more powerful and web browsers grew more complex and A.V.A.T.A.R. started to age. The new programmers and designers brought in new toys for players to enjoy and enjoy they did. Snikt decided to hold a party, a big massive party for those who loved his A.V.A.T.A.R and those who loved other worlds. Out of this vision, Ubercon was born. People came and they did meet and make merry. And there was commerce between the worlds. And it was the evening and the morning of the fourth day. Snikt saw what he had created and it was good.

By the fifth day, Snikt had diversified and had A.V.A.T.A.R. and Ubercon and they shared players and staff and Snikt say that it was good. However, every day he would lose players to graphical worlds that had more money and budget but A.V.A.T.A.R. and Ubercon remained. And off in another place, the great god Admin said, let there be a new game, a game where players can build and develop their nations. Thus Planet Bob was born. One of Snikt’s minions discovered that Planet Bob might be something that inhabitants of A.V.A.T.A.R and Ubercon attendees might enjoy, and so a small team of brave explorers reached out and explored this new world. And thus Snikt said unto his players, “Come and see this new world we can play in. It will not interfere with your playing of A.V.A.T.A.R or your work at Ubercon. We shall form an Alliance and we shall call it Ubercon for the convention” Here and there someone came until one day, overnight, 100 people were there and the alliance called Ubercon grew and grew. And it was the evening and the morning of the fifth day. Snikt saw what he had created and it was good.

Things change, people move on. As the sixth day dawned, players began to lose interest in A.V.A.T.A.R., Ubercon and Planet Bob. Snikt’s designers and builder built bigger and bigger things to play with. Snikt then sayeth, “Let there be Legend!” and there was legend, but unlike lord and hero, it was not as good. The programmers worked day and night, around the clock and had less and less time for Planet Bob. Ubercon the alliance became more isolationist and had less and less involvement with Planet Bob and its inhabitants. The High Elf known as Randalla was the first to leave, forming a warlike alliance called Amazon Nation and taking with her many of those who shared her desire for war and raiding. Snikt was sad but he pressed on. Many others departed Planet Bob all together. And the great god Admin seeing the success of Planet Bob said, “Let there be Planet Steve” and Planet Bob’s evil brother entered the cyberverse. Some began to play there was well. Some liked the game and wanted more and left Ubercon searching for a new home. And it was the evening and the morning of the sixth day. For all intents and purposes, Ubercon Alliance had crawled into its cave to hibernate in isolation.

As the seventh day dawned, Snikt rested while a few of those who left trickled back to Ubercon, seeking sanctuary from making a bad choice for a new alliance. Lead by Cerridwyn and bringing forlk from this other alliance with them, Ubercon, by now, totally isolationist gave them this safe haven. It was not what they wanted. Still having ties to Ubercon their parent, but wanting to be a part of the metagame of Planet Bob, they enter into an agreement with Randalla and form a new, peaceful alliance on the black team. And they ponder is it a coincidence that both the great god Admin and the Daemon Snikt are also called Kevin?

Cerdwyn, Staph Immortal of Avatar MUD

Avatar.... the Legend Continues

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Any sufficiently advanced MUD is indistinguishable from magic.
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