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Author Player-run Quests!

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Posted on Aug 03 2014 19:46
Ever fancied running a quest? Feeling creative? Well, here is a guide to help you get stuck in!

The Player's Guide to
Running Anniversary Events
By Solana and Qismat
August 4th, 2014


Want to take an active role in sponsoring fun? Become a questmaster for a day! - you run a quest, and the immortals will give you support and help you to distribute prizes. As the host of your own event, you will win prizes as well!


Immortals can also help help you to promote your quest. In addition, please post on board 3 announcing your scheduled event. After the event, please post the winners on board 3 as well (you can also post the names of those who participated without winning a prize, too, if you want to).


Writing a quest can be enormous fun. Whether a story-line based, a challenge of skill and luck, or a test of knowledge, et cetera, we look forward to hearing about your plans and ideas!

You can design your own quest with the help of immortals, or follow one of these tried and true mini-quest formulas, to get started:

20 Questions ( Flower Shop Style )
Before the quest begins, you think of a single Avatar related noun (a mobile or item for example). Players work as a team on the quest qhannel to guess what the item is, using 20 yes/no questions. This effectively only gives them 19 questions to narrow things down because the 20th must be "Is it _answer_?"

Each time you answer a yes/no question, it helps to provide a running recap of all answers thus far. Keep a list of everyone who participates (it helps to start writing their names as people chime in - and keep a log!).

You can answer the questions "Yes", "No", "Yes and No", "Neither" or "I don't know", as things are seldom as simple as we would like.

If they guess the answer in time, all participants win a flower gem. In addition, you will 2 flower gems for hosting the quest. Variations are allowed: For instance, ask an easier question but only give the players 10 guesses, or ask a simple one and give the players just 5 guesses. You may be surprised at how hard it can be!

Pick a topic (researched or from your own knowledge) and ask 10 to 25 questions. The first person to answer each correctly gets one point. Prizes will be awarded for the top 3 winners, and a prize for each first correct answer. Post the points won by each player on board 3 when done.

Hide and Seek
Hide in a room, preferably cursed to avoid teleportation, and give the players hints with which to find you. Award a prize to the first 3 players who find you and perform a certain social which you have picked (such as noogie).

Here are a few variants on how to give the hints:
1) Announce all or part of the room description on the quest channel
2) Answer 5 yes/no questions about your location on the quest channel
3) Devise a clever riddle (but not one that is too difficult)

How to Apply

If you have any questions about this, or would like to sign up to run a quest, then please let us know by one of the following methods:

-- Send an in-game note on board 2, to "immortal"
-- Send an email to immortal [at] outland [dot] org

We look forward to seeing your events on AVATAR!
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