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Author Lets talk Ents

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Posted on Sep 09 2020 08:45
I would love to make an Ent. I have heard 1 person was mad enough to level an Ent to Lord. Kudos.

I am unsure if it has been discussed however it would be good to see Ents as some form of evolutionary race, Start as a kob equiv with a size vS - a "Sapling", and slowly transition to the 20k tnl Ent, or Greater Ent or something.

I think it should still be difficult to level, but possibly mix it up. The vS and S size could have a high dex that slowly drops as it grows, and a wis that starts low and builds over time. Shade after M size

Dunno. Just feel like the Ent is unloved but I like the idea of an Ent.

Probably needs a few carrots along the way to make it all worth it maybe something like racial vines (an improved web ), and maybe some weak group buff when people are under the shade of an ent.. dunno.
Edited by Lagmonsta on Sep 09 2020 08:53
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