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Author Looking for hitgear ac upgrades

Posts: 5
Location: Arizona
Joined: 13.05.07
Posted on May 15 2007 01:06
The following items are for trade for hitgear ac upgrades on Beech and Yrth's pinfo. There are also items on the Lord auction in addition to those listed below and of course coins.

Flaming pants b10 -3 enchant
Killing gloves b9 -11 enchant
Robe of greatness b12 -7 enchant
Cherubims helm b12 -8 enchant, etched hitgear
Ultimoose b11 -8 enchant, etched hitgear
Dark flaming blade m50 avg 46, dbl brilled
White bracer (gf'd scorpion tattoo equivalent) b10 -15 enchant
White bracer (gf'd scorpion tattoo equivalent) b10 -15 enchant

Post to jaromil on board 2 with offers or inquiries.

Edited by Jaromil on May 21 2007 16:22
Author RE: List of gear to upgrade

Posts: 5
Location: Arizona
Joined: 13.05.07
Posted on May 16 2007 15:40
Currently have the following on Beech, looking for upgrades to the ac
Ice ring b12 -10 enchant
Ice ring b12 -10 enchant
Ultimoose b12 -6 enchant
Cherubims helm b11 -10 enchant
Flaming pants b12 -3 enchant
Spiked sleeves b12 -10 enchant
or an upgrade to current wield, using 9/12 m50

Yrth's gear and lord items are posted on the lord auction forum
Edited by Jaromil on May 21 2007 16:25
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