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Author One Imm giggles insanely...

Posts: 65
Joined: 22.11.06
Posted on Jan 17 2009 02:48
[HERO INFO]: There is a disturbance in the realm as Rua fails to become a Lord.

Shada> that was cruel

Ogion> ouch

Rua> :(

Jarule> ouch

[BUDDY INFO]: Soth has joined this buddy group.

Riser chats 'Comfies Rua'

{Soth} wow ruas :p

Gnarla chats 'doh'

Bassmonkey chats 'ack!!!'

You tell Rua 'omg i am giggling sooooo much:p'

Rua tells you 'I think you might need to explain that ;>'

Crimthand> snicker

Fools> rofl

Multani> umm

Fools> rofler

Rua> wow. You should see the tells

Jarule> at what level did you try?

Grumsh> but doesn't the real message show you the level?

Rua> shhh, grummie

{Rua} Plasmatic says 'you probably spent qp to trick everyone :P'

{Rua} cackle

{Rua} you even made poor soth feel sympathetic

{Rua} I'm flattered that people actually thought I was ever 500

{Rua} grin, you even got a few oldtimers with it

whee. poor heroes.
Author RE: One Imm giggles insanely...

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Posts: 26
Location: Seeking hidden knowledge
Joined: 28.01.07
Posted on Jan 17 2009 09:17
Nice, I wish I had been on to see it

I love creative echoes!

English does not borrow from other languages. English follows other languages into dark alleys, raps them over the head with a cudgel, then goes through their pockets for loose vocabulary and spare grammar.
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