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Shoutbox Archive
Saravalia on April 08 2007 23:27:25
No question has been unasked in the past... we are all here for answers.
Skyrider on April 08 2007 19:25:51
Happy Easter!
Hylaeus on April 07 2007 23:53:28
Happy Easter all, or your equivalent holiday
Skyrider on April 01 2007 15:48:09
Happy April Fool's Day!
Uidhe on April 01 2007 08:30:39
Player statistics for march 2007 are up!
Hylaeus on March 31 2007 12:10:18
Happy UberCon for those that could make it
Saravalia on March 29 2007 06:28:55
I am polished platinum.. you'd better recognize.
Xaron on March 26 2007 02:42:32
UberCon is almost here!!
Cerdwyn on March 25 2007 03:33:29
Vote Avatar!
Hylaeus on March 24 2007 01:50:14
Remember that if you are considering a prestige class, read the help file for that class to get an idea of some of the requirements
Caius on March 23 2007 21:22:52
Woot! Go Polocks!
Riviat on March 23 2007 13:59:33
What sort of polish are you? Are you furniture polish?
Skyrider on March 17 2007 09:05:22
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Cerdwyn on March 16 2007 22:41:06
No more chocolate for you, 1000 years.
Thrasher on March 16 2007 16:41:00
skyrider rocks more!
Skyrider on March 16 2007 15:32:33
Thrasher rocks!!!
Bebhinn on March 16 2007 13:51:17
Prepare yourselves... National Chocolate Week is almost upon us. Coming soon: a scavenger hunt for chocolate ingredients, and a bounty on everyone's favorite lord shf, Chocolate!
Fawne on March 11 2007 21:09:28
Have you logged your lowmorts yet? Profile purge is apon us, please read announcements if you have not already done so.
Uidhe on March 01 2007 08:49:55
Player statistics for February are up!
Fawne on February 25 2007 10:58:16
Please take a moment to view and vote on the current polls if you have not already done so. Thank you. Fawne
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Aug 17 2021 05:50
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Jul 27 2021 04:03
While you are grabbing XP, we are busy testing out the quest events before August!

Jul 27 2021 02:31
Thanks to whoever sorted out the website certificate.

Jul 23 2021 12:52
Expired security certificate on wiki throwing up blocking page in all browsers (https://avatar.mel

Jul 15 2021 12:40
Muerte completed the Ultimate Dragon quest. Well done!

Shoutbox Archive
Game Updates
Dec 04 2021 17:30
There is a disturbance in the realm as Meitian fails to become a Lord at sublevel 556.
Dec 04 2021 17:29
There is a disturbance in the realm as Kesandthul fails to become a Lord at sublevel 307.
Dec 04 2021 10:45
Baconstrips has remorted into a Troll Ripper.
Dec 03 2021 22:15
GOAT has remorted into a Ignatur Bodyguard.
Dec 03 2021 19:18
Xuesen has remorted into a Tuataur Psionicist.