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Author Wizard convincing

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Posts: 23
Location: Kansas City, MO
Joined: 26.02.07
Posted on Oct 23 2007 21:27
Ok - I have a mage about ready to hit 50 and I'm in a quandary on if I should go wizard. I saw people love wizard over mage and since I love my mage I'm curious. But looking at wizard you lose fortitudes and gain flash, rune, and timewarp. Is there something I'm missing? What makes wizards great?

Author RE: Wizards

Posts: 23
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Joined: 22.01.07
Posted on Oct 25 2007 03:10
The damage is what some people are looking for.

Wizard Damage is reported to be higher than mage, that and the mana gains, and people are not too fussy about asking for missing spells.

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Author RE: Wizard convincing

Posts: 5
Joined: 14.02.07
Posted on Oct 27 2007 20:17
It's rather the amount of mana. That's a lot more noticeable than the damage difference.
Author RE: Wizard convincing

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Posts: 26
Location: Seeking hidden knowledge
Joined: 28.01.07
Posted on Oct 29 2007 23:58
To be honest, I almost regret going wizard. I miss being able to full spell hitters (even if it is with stinky shiz spells) and the low hps kind of hurt.

I do like rune though... since I can up the max on a hero weapon my rog type characters got a lot more fun to play ;) and I really can't be bothered sitting in lag for about 15 minutes or so sharpening.

Your mileage may vary, bear in mind I went wzd at lord 1 after I successfully morphed at 800 - this was back when there was a rebuild option.

I'd probably enjoy wzd a lot more if it weren't for the fact that I fail like only a human can!

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Author RE: Wizard convincing

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Posts: 7
Location: Nottingham, UK
Joined: 04.06.07
Posted on Nov 01 2007 20:31
I was a rebuild liz wzd (redwinter) i also did remort tua wzd, now i like wzd mainly as redwinter is a fairly decent caster with good mana and great hps for a wzd note due to rerolls i lost alot of mana and due to it beign aeth reroll new tua wzd's have more mana than me
Author RE: Wizard convincing

Posts: 28
Joined: 27.01.07
Posted on Jan 24 2009 20:27
stay straight mage, their are LOADS of scrolls, staffs, staves brandies, ect that you can collect to supplement yer own casting. Mages shouldnt speicalize
Author RE: Wizard convincing

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Posts: 27
Location: New Brunswick, Canada
Joined: 26.05.08
Posted on Jan 26 2009 04:15
Being a wizard? I can tell you from experience isn't for everyone. If you were to have a wizard, I would probably recommend a class that is stronger if you expect to have HP... But if you have something small, it's gonna be even much harder.

On the good side, as some people say, there is alot of fire power and alot of mana.

Ebnodon the dreamer.

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Author RE: Wizard convincing

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Posts: 23
Location: Kansas City, MO
Joined: 26.02.07
Posted on Jan 26 2009 13:24
That was a while ago (over a year now). I did go wizard and that character has stagnated. More for the fact it was a centaur with its TNL than anything else. Since then I've gotten another mage (FDK) and stormlord (GOB). With two other mages (at lord) and a sorcerer I can at least say I've tried all variations. I still don't know which I like the most. Probably mages since I'm the most familiar with them.
Edited by Zarf on Jan 26 2009 13:25
Author RE: my 2 cents on wzd, etc

Posts: 35
Joined: 21.12.07
Posted on Jan 26 2009 14:47
i've had this wzd for a while now (Laazarus), and i've also played a drw mag, a gar mag, and mostly my sor (grf). my mages have pretty much stagnated as i've focused on the sor and wzd. if i only had one alt i might prefer the mage, but as a many-alt player if prefer the specialization of wzd or sor. i guess i don't see any real advantage to mage over wzd/sor.

as my two main caster alts were both human originally, a wzd and a sor, i can compare the two experiences fairly i think. after hero 101 i found sor to be amazingly powerful, and at lord sor was somewhat more in demand by group leaders. however wzd i for me was a little more fun to play - not that i don't enjoy sor, i do, i'm just saying. at hero and lord wzd get a nice area spell and at lord can do some useful things on runs like walling off a room. at hero wzd get flash which is very handy and i didn't see mentioned by anyone earlier in the thread. this helps compensate for lower hp than mage, no dodge, etc. i found my wzd easier to solo at low hero than my mag, for example, probably thanks to flash.

the worst thing about either of my experiences lording a caster i'd say is that they were both human, which is why i've remorted both of them. wzd was definitely a challenge at low hero my first time through, but the second time around i must have picked up a few tricks or something as getting to 101 wasn't bad at all (even though i had less hp the second time through).

just my two cents,
Laazarus, Pesadelo, etc.
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