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Author Quest/voting suggestion

Posts: 6
Joined: 09.09.08
Posted on Jan 26 2009 14:41
I figured this would be a good place to post an idea/suggestion.

Since we are trying to boost voting numbers for the three MUD websites (TMS, MC and Mudlists), what about rewarding people each month that hit a certain threshold for number of votes? Say 60 votes by the end of the month = 1 quest point, 70 votes = 2 quest poitns, etc. Something more than just recognizing the top voter.

Many of us will never be able to compete with the top voter each month. I just can't get to a computer every single day (twice a day for one of the websites that you can vote twice daily), so I can never compete with the monthly winner. A reward for the big contributors would be a nice bonus.

-Shalineth et al.
Author RE: Quest/voting suggestion

User Avatar

Posts: 91
Location: UK
Joined: 14.07.05
Posted on Jan 26 2009 20:32
We can't reward for voting.

From TopMudSites

Can I offer rewards for voting?
You CANNOT offer incentives or rewards to players for voting. That means you cannot give players items, experience, or anything else in return for votes. You cannot display different messages based on whether someone voted or not, or reward a player for voting by not showing messages. You cannot have a system that ‘nags’ a player about voting in response to whether they’ve voted or not unless participation in the system is totally voluntary with no tangible positive or negative effects for a player choosing to use or not use such a system. Such a system must also allow a player to easily opt out of it at any time, also with no positive or negative effect, and it must be off by default.
Author RE: Quest/voting suggestion

Posts: 23
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Joined: 22.01.07
Posted on Jan 26 2009 21:51
The reward that I have had a positive effect towards getting AVATAR noticed and competition with the other top voters is enough for me, also knowing that I might just beat out Ebnodon for the 4th month in a row is also a little incentive. Question is, are you able to beat either of us out next month?

To imagine is to live, to live is to create, to create is to imagine
Rhousrod 88979002 mattandkylie@ozemail.com.au http://southernwifi.net
Author RE: Quest/voting suggestion

User Avatar

Posts: 27
Location: New Brunswick, Canada
Joined: 26.05.08
Posted on Jan 28 2009 23:42
Pfft like I care. I was top for like 5 months or so (if not longer). If I really wanted to I could be at a tie with you or beat you. But I dont live infront of my computer And obviously can't be on avatarmud or its website from work.

But yah on the topic of rewards, I don't care about not getting reward. Having AvatarMUD up and running is reward enough.

Ebnodon the dreamer.

Ebbie's Mudd Cartoon

Edited by Ebnodon on Jan 28 2009 23:44
Author RE: Quest/voting suggestion

Posts: 49
Joined: 28.06.06
Posted on Jan 29 2009 10:11
I still vote anonymously. Logging in first is too much hassle for me
Edited by Kariya on Jan 29 2009 10:11
Author RE: Quest/voting suggestion

Posts: 28
Joined: 27.01.07
Posted on Jan 29 2009 21:54
this BEGS someone, anyone, to create a very simple VOTE bot prog set it in motion and reap the rewards.
nice thought but WAY to open to abuse
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