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Gazette 1995-01-23
Articles | Archives | Gazette | 1995 Gazettes | Gazette 1995-01-23
  The Farside Gazette                   Vol II, No. 2 Jan. 23rd 1995

  The Farside Gazette is published bi-weekly by AsaMaro in
  conjunction with (and full permission of) The Farside Staff

  The Gazette is written in 100% pure ASCII to assure maximum
  compatibility for all readers using whatever system they use

  Subscribe by writing to jderouen@crl.com and including just one
  word - Subscribe - in the body of your text

              Read This Please!  Important News!

A note of reminder to all of you out there:  Player killing and stealing
from other players is NOT to be tolerated in Farside.  You can fight
each other in the Arena, (just type Arena to get there) but that's it.
If you can't live with that - and I'm only talking to a very, very small
percentage of you, since most seem to cope with the rules quite
adequately - there are other MUDs where pkilling is an option.

 From this point forward, violation of either of these rules will cause
the offending player to lose a level.  No argument, no excuses.  The
player loses a level.

This is an official decree from RoX, father of all Immortals and owner
of the game we all know and love.  Don't take it lightly.

Now that the tough part is out of the way . . .

I need submissions!  I need players to write article for the Gazette.
What kinds of article?  Whatever you'd be interested in reading in these
pages, so probably would your Farside neighbour.

Thus far, Marat, Draeger, Hendrix, Comfrey, Fuzzy, and Diamante have all
contributed to the Gazette with excellent, informative articles on
Farside.  I'd like to take this space to thank each of those people, and
to encourage the rest of you to follow in their footsteps and get
involved. :)  I'm still looking for viewpoint articles on classes we
haven't covered, and even ones we *have* already covered if you have
something interesting to say.

If you want to contribute, write to me at jderouen@crl.com or talk to me
on Farside.

Thanks for reading!



                 Back Issues of The Farside Gazette

Back issues of the Gazette are now available for FTP at atinc.com in
/pub/mud/gazette .  While you're scuttling about the internet, check out
Farside's new WWW page at http://zeus.atinc.com/mud.html .


                   * Farside Player Bio *

Name: Slitha         Age: (Game) 40 (RL) 22
Race: LizardWoman  Class: Cleric               Current level: 21

Real Life Interests:

Slitha lives in Boone North Carolina where she's a senior at Appalachain
State.  She comes from Florida, and misses it very very muchly, even
though she does like the snow :)  Slitha plays the violin (sort of upper
average, though she's not a music major)  and enjoys sketching other
people's role playing characters.  She plays D&D occasionally, though
she's currently involved in Shadowrun.  She reads when she gets the
chance, and she LOVES kenders.  (Any chance of getting a kinder class
added to FS?, she asks)  She's working on a book at the moment, so she
asked all of you to hope and pray that you'll someday see her name in
the Dragonlance section.

Slitha has a boyfriend who used to play MUDs but gave them up in a rage
and now wonders why she plays.  She also has a twin sister who doesn't
play MUDs but is a much better artist than Slitha.  She also has a cat
named Bupu who has very little brain power in her fuzzy head.

Advice to Players:

"Clerics out there that are annoyed that their character is so much
better at sitting in the background healing people, instead of fighting
GOOD FIGHTER!!  Make sure you train up that strength, just as soon, of
course, as you spend a few practices training up your wisdom.  Ignore
spells like continual light, create water, and detect magic.  Practice
first thing training armor, bless, and protection.  Right before a fight
make sure ALL THREE of those spells are cast on you.  This'll save you
from being pounded on too badly.  PRACTICE SANCTUARY as SOON as you GET
IT!!  This is an AMAZING spell!  For anyone who doesn't know it halves
the damage the mob does to you.  Problem is it costs a LOT of mana, and
it doesn't last long.  Only cast it on you right before you attack or
before you wander into the area of an aggressive mob.  Trust me, it's a
spell clerics can't live without.

And for the best offensive spell a cleric has, my vote goes to
earthquake.  So long as you don't cast it in a whole room full of mobs
and end up getting squashed by EVERYbody, this is a powerful spell, and
it's not that much mana- wise either.

Last but not least get identify as soon as you're high enough
level-wise.  When you get an unfamiliar weapon or piece of armor, cast
identify on it to see if its better than what you might already have.
The "comp" command might tell you that the cloak you have is better
armor than the blue scrap of cloth you just picked up, but it WON'T tell
you that the scrap of cloth is +1 hit roll, dam roll, and strength.
Identify will let you figure which is the better equipment, without
having to spend your money on a whole bunch of identify scrolls."


                  * Farside Immortal Bio *

Name: Sergei        Age: (Game) 240 (RL) 28
Race: Half-Elf    Class: Warrior            Current level: 54

Real Life Interests and Background:

Sergei is from St. Petersburg (Russia).  On Sept.5th 1994 He arrived in
USA and has been living in Reston VA ever since.  The Accent of his
personal interests was changing from computers programming to martial
arts, from mystic and eastern religion to Ortodox Christianity.  Sergei
was baptised in Russian Ortodox Church before his 25th birthday.  He
completely agrees with Dizzy about God . Anyway Wu-Shu (martial arts
from china) takes a big  part of his life 6 years already.  He likes
Tolkien and Kastaneda, he likes his black sword.  He is a programmer and
found now very good job in Arlington VA.  Presently, he is single and
hopes to find a good wife here.  He is 6'2" tall, his weight is 250
pounds (some sort of fighting machine), but he always keeps a smile on
his lips.  He has been playing Farside for 10 month.  Still today he
expresses gratitude to Sonia, because she spent lots of time to explain
the Farside rules for a newbie who spoke english very bad (opposite
Sonia's russian is very good). Sergei passed through the game in a
warrior's role.

Advice to Warriors :

"You have no magic inside you. Use a magic outside you. Use potions.
Before every fight  got 10-12 orange potions from newt fire lizard. This
potion is the same a heal spell. Every potion add to your heal +100 hit
points. It's very easy to get this potion for 13-14 level player. Found
sanctuary and armor potions. If you gather all of ones you will have
heal and strength in 2-3 times more you had before.  Use trip and
two-three kicks after that.  Keep your HP points between 80-100% of your
maximum by orange potions.  Change suit before leveling. Increase your
WIS and CON by holding things before leveling, and forget about it if
you already start new level.  Increase only AC, HP, DP and STR points
(yellow dragon can help you to increase strength by potion )."


    Top Ten Perks of Being an Immortal
             by AsaMaro

10. Inhabit body of Papa Smurf and scare newbies senseless
 9. Change mortals names to sound like mobs, so other mortals kill them
 8. Make out with Dizzy's Assistant Debbie
whenever you want
 7. Don't have to get real job if spending over 8 hrs a day online
 6. Can create gold at will, so having a real job doesn't matter anyway
 5. Get invited to Snikt's secret Druidic Rituals and All-Night BBQ
 4. Change newbie Hero's titles to "Beep me, I'll get you anything!"
 3. All the free liquor you can handle at The Grunting Boar Inn
 2. "Special" back rub and massage from Aelmon the healer
 1. Don't have to wear pants to the office


                       Evil *and* Tasty
                   An Interview with a Pot Pie
                           by Marat

It has come to my attention that scant information exists about some of
the monsters in the farflung realm of Farside. What are the driving
forces behind some of those we, the adventurers kill. In this, the first
of a series of monster interviews, I will attempt to answer that and
other questions about one of the humbler monsters - The Chicken Pot Pie.

Marat: Mr., or is it Mrs. Pie, tell me a few things about yourself?

Chicken Pot Pie: Ms. actually. How to start? (The pie shifts in her seat
and smiles shyly.) I am a permanent resident of hell. I can be found in
the room that is an altar to the sin of Gluttony.

M: And do you share this room with others?

CPP: Yes. I room with two other pot pies. Mr. Vegetable Pie and a Miss
Beef P. Pie. They are tolerable roommates though don't ask them to clean
up after themselves. Always dropping body parts during kills.

M: Yes, and how is it to be killed, not once but repeatedly?

CPP: Oh, it's allright. I mean that is our purpose, is it not? I don't
mind and I get my licks in you know. I am the fiercest of the pies, and
quite proud of that I might say. (The pie chuckles to herself.)

M: Yes, you are. I know I sought you out in the late 30's and early 40's
levels. You did give good experience then. Now you serve me mostly as a
way to energy drain and realign. Do you enjoy being one of the evil
monsters of Farside?

CPP: Of course! It is far more interesting to be surrounded by that red
aura. All the denizens of hell are. You spoke of energy drain?

M: Yes? (Nods her head.)

CPP: I do love that. Though I mostly die from laughter. That spell
tickles me just terribly. (The pie giggles, apparently remembering

M: What else can you tell the audience about your life and deaths in

CPP: Ohhh. Just that I like to see new faces. Fight new people. And that
those neighbors of mine, the gold bar and pile of coins, are the
noisiest monsters to live next to. Always shouting about this and that.
(The pie sighs.) Not much else to say. I have a good life all told.

M: Thank you, Ms. Pie for allowing yourself to be interviewed. And I
suppose I'll see you next time I need some hit points.

There you have it. A simple pot pie, leading a simple pot pie kind of
life. She may be evil but she is a golden-crusted kind of evil. Mmmmm,


                An Alias a Day Keeps the Mud At Play
                  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
                         A Guide to Tintin++
                             by Draeger

Recently there has been a revival of interest in mud-clients. A
mud-client is a program that simplifies commands, let's you use aliases
(similar to aliases on Farside, when they worked), and can react to
incoming text from the mud. A mud-client can simply your workload,
letting you concentrate on the fun things to do, and let the client
handle some of the drudgery that is ever-present. The most popular
mud-client available today is a program called tintin++, available for
unix-type systems. The only problem that happens with tintin is the
difficulty of use; It is very hard for someone with no prior experience
to start using one. Therefore, this article will hope to provide a
stable base for any adventures using a mud-client.

The most commonly asked question regarding tintin is a simple one.
"Where to get it?", which I hear often when I am explaining a
mud-client.  Tintin++ is available at a multitude of anonymous FTP
sites. You can find some of them in the comp.games.mud FAQ. For those
that do not have usenet access, a good site is :
farside.atinc.com/pub/mud/clients. A unix system, or at least shell
access, is required. If you are using a local internet provider, you can
perhaps ask the sysadmin if he would install tintin on his system for
all to use. However, most of the time this does not work if you have an
educational account (grin), so you will have to compile and install
tintin for help. As I am no unix-guru, please refer to someone near you
who knows unix well for instructions on how to set it up.

*** SECTION 1  The # Commands : Heart of Tintin

The tintin commands (those that are prefaced with a # character), are
the essential base for using tintin. As a result, there are quite a few.
Online help (Albeit somewhat confusing help) is available in the
program.  However, I hope to shed some light on the uses of each of the
major # commands.

The #session command is the most basic tintin command. With it, you
define a tintin session (just as for telnet you define the session with
mud.atinc.com 3000). The session command's syntax
is as follows :
#session {Name of Session} {Address} {Port number} The Name of the
session does not matter, it only is for your benefit. I typically use
the name of my character on that particular mud. The address and port
number are the same as those you would use for telnet. The #end command
is used to exit tintin. On most systems, you may also use CTRL-C to
exit. Another useful ability is the ability to read in a text file
containing all of your tintin commands. this is achieved with the #read
<filename> command. To write out any tintin commands you have added, use
#write <filename>. This will save your command list, which would
otherwise be lost when you exit.

The #redraw and #split commands are somewhat related. Both are toggles
(IE: You type #redraw once to turn on, and again to turn off).  They
differ in actions performed, however. #redraw simply means that any line
of text your typing will not be wiped out by any incoming text. This is
extremely useful for writing notes, where it is well advised that you
can see what you are typing through a hail of spam. The #split command
splits the screen into incoming and outgoing text. I generally find it
awkward, and don't use it. However, your taste may vary. You can use the
#unsplit command to undo the split screen.

Another very useful command is #speedwalk. With speedwalk turned on,
tintin interprets directional commands differently. It will of course
still respond to normal mud N,S,etc. However, it allows you to specify
the number of times to move in that direction. For example, to move 3
east and 4 north, you would simply type 3e4n. Needless to say, this is a
boon for those following a map, as you simply type in the directions as
stated on the map, and let tintin run you around.

*** SECTION 2  Advanced Tintin Commands : Soul of Tintin

The basic commands mentioned above are only a touch of tintin's power.
They serve the basic needs of mudders, but they are not what one has
switched to tintin for. The real power of tintin lies in it's advanced
commands. These commands let you compact many separate commands into a
single alias, Let tintin automatically respond to text from the mud, and
more. They are the key to using tintin successfully. The reader is
advised to use the online help system of tintin to learn about each
command available, as this article only touches on the power that is out

The #alias command is one of the most powerful, and most used, tintin
command available. With #alias, you may assign many commands, or a long
complicated command, to a single word. Those familiar with macros, or
with Farside's previous alias-ability, already have the basic idea down.
The syntax of the #alias command is as follows : #alias {alias name}
{command(s) that the alias executes} The brackets {} are necessary for
multi-word or multi-command aliases. I always use them to maintain
consistency, though they can be omitted in single-word commands.
Multiple commands are separated by a ; character. This also applies to
almost every tintin command available. Words that are typed after the
alias name are passed in variables %1-%9. For instance, if you had a
alias set up as such : #alias {fstrike} {cast 'flamestrike' %1} you
would type "fstrike Ciquala", and the word "Ciquala" would replace the
%1 in the alias command list.

The #action command is another widely used tintin command. The #action
command lets tintin respond in some way to incoming text. The syntax for
#action is as follows : #action {string from mud to match} {command(s)
to execute if string is found} {priority} The string from the mud to
match is the incoming text that you want tintin to look for. If it finds
that string, it will execute the commands specified in the second
argument. The priority is how important that trigger is. To specify
which of two triggers to execute first, that both have the same matching
string, is a use of the priority. Priority goes from 0-9 (highest to
lowest).  Also, in the string to match, you may use variables that are
passed to the commands. For example, here is one of the actions I use on
Farside : #action {%0 arrives from the} {smile %0} {8} In this case,
when that string is matched, the person's name that has arrived is put
in %0, and so the "smile %0" command will smile at that person. The
priority of 8 is my standard for social-type actions.

There are many more functions, including #if, #math, and #loop. To save
space, I will not go into them here. The reader is encouraged to use the
online help to figure out the usages of those commands for themselves.
If there is a request, I will write a sequel to this article, explaining
the usage of those and other, commands, and giving examples from my
tintin scripts. Tintin is a wonderful resource for the mudding
community. If overused or abused, it can lead to problems, but if used
properly and carefully, it will contribute to the enjoyment of all.


                     The Way of the Warrior
                           By Diamante

The Warrior Class is the most popular class on Farside for a reason: for
the sheer power that it offers to players, and increased survivability
against vicious, heinous, merciless mobs.  They do not own any spells,
like the rest of the classes.  Their only fighting moves are kick and
trip.  It may sound a little dull, and I tend to agree, but the Warrior
still kicks butt.

Newbie Warriors experience the benefits of the class the most.  Their
enhanced survivability gives them an advantage that other classes,
especially mages and clerics, can only wish for.  The Warriors, with
enhanced damage, inflict more pain, suffering, and sheer havoc on mobs
that threaten them.  The Warrior can fight mobs solo, without the need
to group for an extended period of time.

Then they hit the upper 20s.  Things are still good, there are still a
good amount of things to kill.  But the number is waning, and the need
becomes apparent to group.  At this time, it is good to start grouping
with clerics because clerics can heal the Warrior in battle as the
Warrior does his/her job of kicking butt.  Mobs at this level get
relatively tougher, and your hp doesn't increase proportionately to deal
properly with the threat.

Then there is the mid-life crisis, the 30s.  At this point in life, the
Warrior is dependent on groups.  They still inflict more damage, even
UNSPEAKABLE damage, but the mobs have what seems to be an endless well
of hp.  God forbid they have breath weapons which will fry your
equipment.  The determined Warrior drives onward, with the help of the
other classes, secretly learning what spells to use, as the Warrior's
focus begins to turn toward becoming a HERO or HEROINE.

Then there are the 40s.  Once you hit 41, you can group with Heroes and
learn their skills by watching them in battle.  You still need to group.
You could never think about killing the White Lotus Chief alone (until
you hit the upper 40s, with many spells on you).  You seem to frequent
White Lotus and Hell a lot, mostly because those places are the ones
that will give you the most experience points.  You tend to milk White
Lotus and Hell for every point you can get, and when a crash or reboot
comes, you go back for more so that you can take advantage of the
renewed points.

At 50, the Heroes jump in to lend a hand to reach Hero-dom.  They will
escort you to the glory of being a FARSIDE HERO.  And what a glorious
Hero you will be, as you already have THE GLORY OF THE WARRIOR.  As a
Hero, you will gain access to all the spells available, feeling the
power of the universe in your hands.  You are a Knight Hero or Heroine,
one of the most sacred and revered positions on Farside.  The only thing
that could possibly beat that is becoming a Knight IMMORTAL.

Never lose heart, and be smart, Warriors!  Live up to the glory and
pride that comes with the RULING CLASS on Farside.


               by Fuzzy

Among the spells available on Farside to mortals, 'summon' is probably
one of the most useful. Besides the obvious use of bringing one pc to
another, the ability to summon MOBs allows the cleric greater ease and
flexibility in both the obtaining of equipment and experience points.

Summoning pc's can be useful in many circumstances. Besides making it
easier to keep a group together, or to summon a killed character to his
corpse, it can allow you to 'call for' specialized help. For example: if
you are faced with a chest you must get open and you do not have the
key, simply chat for a thief online and ask them if they are available
for a second, summon the thief in and let him go on his merry way. The
reasons for summing other pc's are relatively obvious to many, weather
just for social situations or for purposes of combat.

Summoning MOBs however, may not be as obvious a use to some. The
Summoning of a mob to Gain useful and sometimes necessary equipment can
make life Much easier. You need a certain Potion? Summon the Mob that
carries it. A newbie needs a linen robe ? the nanny is an EASY summon.
the Minotaurs are often summoned simply because its an annoying trip
through a random maze, and its much easier to bring THEM to you.

My personal favorite reason is for Summoning mobs for the purpose of
gaining exp.  All through my levels, I try my best to find something
that is a 'good fight'.. then when I find that mob, I can summon it and
kill it at my leisure. This allows you all the time in the world to rest
up and prepare, cast spells, change equipment and PUT UP SANCTUARY ...
Summoning the mob is especially effective if the mob lives in a
'dangerous area' like sesame street or hell, which are full of
Aggressive Mobs who will sap you of preparedness to face your chosen

There ARE some things to remember about summoning.  It is important to
NEVER summon Aggressive mobs anywhere near Midgaard, or anyplace else
heavily trafficked by newbies...this practice has gotten several PC's
killed and several others in trouble. If you Summon a Mob, don't leave
it there...kill it so It can re-populate where its supposed to.
Summoning a mob and leaving it someplace prevents it from re-poping,
thereby taking away from other players. when facing mobs you are going
to fight that are aggressive .. always SANCTUARY BEFORE SUMMON... it is
very easy to get lulled into a false sense of security, it can get you
killed easily.  If you summon a mob and you CAN'T kill  it, ask for
help. you can always summon the people that say 'yes' :-).  Don't be
surprised if when you summon a mob you don't get the 'right' mob....
there are a ton of mobs with the same name, and if you don't get the
right  number you end up with the wrong mob. Experience will help you
with that...However even I have a bad time when I c 'summon' Dee and get
the MALE dee which is a lot tougher than the female dee.  One final
word... Summoning PC without their permission is not only crude, rude
and socially unacceptable, but it will get you in trouble. Don't do it.

I hope that my little thoughts on Summoning will make life more
enjoyable for all you mudders out there!


           Why You Should Save Your Potions
                    by Comfrey

Ever wonder how someone gets 150 experience for killing something?
Especially when you can't even get 50?  Well, listen up.

First thing you do is run out and find yourself some
potions.  Don't ask me where they are, there are potions
everywhere.  Collect up enough to heal yourself 100,000 times,
and you will be able to kill anything, if you can hit it with
your weapon :).  Remember, there is a right tool for everything
in this game.  Tools for healing, finding and fighting.

Mages need to find all the +hit and +mana eq.  Ditto for rangers and
clerics.  Warriors, thieves and Martials need to find all of the +hit

But do yourself a favor and go find some of it yourself.
I found all of my eq, except the sandy rings, all by my
bitty itty self.  The sandy rings I got after I saw them and
went searching for them.

So remember, Do yourself A FaVor And You Will Be Surprised
At The NumBer Of Exp. Points You Will Aquire ;)


             Additions to Farside
                 by AsaMaro

The Recall command has been changed.  You can now set Recall to recall
you to any place you decide you want to recall to.  Type "Help Recall"
on FS for more details.

The AFK command.  AFK stands for Away From Keyboard.  Type AFK when
you're about to walk away from your computer and Farside will put the
words (AFK) in front of your name on the list.  That way, everyone knows
that whatever tells they might send you will probably go unanswered at
least for a little while.

Linkdead.  Whenever you lose your link, the words (Linkdead) will be put
before your player name to let anyone who happens across you know that
you're linkdead and not simply ignoring them.

Gratz channel.  Tired of seeing all those "Congrats <name>" on the chat
channel?  Use the GRTZ channel instead.  Use is GRTZ (or the [ key)
(name) <message>.  Example: [ AsaMaro on the level! would translate to
"(your name) congratulates AsaMaro on the level!"

Thanks Snikt and Co. for the new commands!


                        Farside Birthdays*
                       Compiled by Ambrosia


Slitha................................January  6th
Leorick...............................January  8th
DaWiz.................................January 12th
Juggler...............................January 14th
Dulard................................January 17th
Nemisis...............................January 22nd
May...................................January 24th
Dizzy.................................January 25th
Sunset................................January 28th
Apex..................................January 31st

Ambrosia..............................February  5th
Falkar................................February  5th
Darkyn................................February  7th
Arundel...............................February 26th

* There are a *Lot* of names to be added to the list.  Send birthdays
  as well as your character name to Ambrosia via a note in Farside or
  internet e-mail at Ambrosia@escape.com


                           * News *

Ryu was promoted to demigod, the first step in a hopefully long and
illustrious Immortal career.  Congrats, Ryu!

Synide reached the ranks of hero.  Congratulations, Synide!

Something bad happened somewhere and several hero's player files got
corrupted.  Resident erstwhile coder Ironhand saved the day and
resurrected all our heros.  Thanks, Ironhand!

Marat also reached the ranks of hero, fighting against all odds and
restrictions of being a mage.  She was the first female player in quite
a while to reach the ranks of hero.  She'd like to thanks (ahem) AsaMaro
for helping her while he was a mortal, and Dazed, Nemisis, Balthazar,
Rackhir, Crom, Stepovich, Samson, and Greasyheart for helping her to
hero.  Congratulations, Marat!

Slinky and Gin decided to elope, and AsaMaro was chosen to perform the
ceremony.  In attendance were Rackhir, Marat, Ambrosia, Mendek, Nemisis,
Xeon, Anakin, and FallenAngel.  Later life turned into one big soap
opera, but we won't get into that.  Congrats you two, and happy pillow
fighting always!

Marat ran her very first quest as a hero, offering a grail in exchange
for every unique beverage brought to her.  Johnus and Wish tallied the
most beverages, receiving the lion's share of the prizes.  Other
participants included Bourne, Zerg, Chloe, Beauford, and Rathamon.  All
in all, 21 grails were handed out as prizes.  Great quest, Marat, and
we'll be looking forward to more!

Aradia received hero status shortly after Marat, helping to fill out the
female equation in the world of heros.  Congratulations, Aradia, and
welcome to heroing!  May it be all you hope it would be.  :)

Blex was granted the honor of Immortal!  Despite being plagued by Blex's
going linkdead and a system crash shortly thereafter, the Immortal
ceremony went off without a hitch.  <Grin>  Congratulations Blex and
good luck in the realm of Imms!

Diamante was the third female player inside of a week to hero.  She'd
like to thank, in no particular order, Dazed, Balthazar, Beauford,
Cyclone, Stepovich, and Blex for helping her get those final few levels.
Congratulations, Diamante, and may your career as a hero prove to be
long and fruitful and filled with many Thanks!

Ryu is running a contest of sorts.  Write up the best story for Farside
(under 90 lines, I think he said) and send it to him at
sgage@ub.d.umn.edu via internet email.  The story should be about the
creation of Farside and include at least some of the upper levels gods
(and RoX.  Definitely RoX! ;) ) in it's telling.  You have until January
29th to submit your stories.  After that, the stories will be judged by
the Immortals and the best story will be used for Farside's Story.
Needless to say, whoever submits the winning entry will receive material
compensation in Farside.

New Immortal Nemisis is transferring schools, and won't have an internet
link again until sometime in March.  Good luck, Nem, and we'll miss you.
Hurry back!

Moments before the deadline for this issue, Knife was promoted to
Demigod.  Congratulations Knife!


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Daeron is running Push Your Luck now. Mini-HoG just ended!

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It is!

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Testing. Testing. This thing on?

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Feb 21 2024 13:17
Thetis has become a Wizard.
Feb 20 2024 17:53
There is a disturbance in the realm as SchwarBARIAN fails to become a Lord at sublevel 300.
Feb 20 2024 17:51
There is a disturbance in the realm as Garnin fails to become a Lord at sublevel 546.
Feb 20 2024 14:57
Drakuseth has remorted into a Dragon Bladedancer.
Feb 20 2024 11:51
Thetis has remorted into a Tuataur Mage.