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Gazette - November 2009
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___The New Official AVATAR_____________________________________
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    \______  /(____  //_____ \ \___ \ |__|   |__|   \___ \
           \/      \/       \/     \/                   \/
____________________________________________November 2009 ____


Lunchtime by Dahlia
Player Submissions – Request for Poetry!
AVATAR Spotlight - A conversation with Pulse
Wings – Observations from the Cloud by Kenji
Thoughts From The Dark Side by Kariya
Flashback! by Glissade
Recipe Corner – Halloween Fun by Essenceroses
Ask An Angel – Why Would I Want to be a Psionicist? by Snyggve
Tips and Tricks – Transferring Quest Points by Anessa
Command of the Month – SAVESPELL by Glissade
AVATAR Calendars


LUNCHTIME - by Dahlia

"But I have lower spell casting cost!" Dahlia exclaimed,
thumping the cafeteria table with her fist. Myrel and Juevo
grinned in response. It was an old druid versus cleric
argument that had been going the rounds for some time during
the lunch break hour.

Changing the subject, Kichibo leaned into the table and said
with a conspiratorial whisper, "Did you hear what happened to
Amp?" From a nearby table, you could practically see Skalman's
and the twins Dasteel and Dasteelz's drow ears perk up.
Dahlia, Myrel and Juevo leaned in closer. Kichibo relayed,
"Sooo, I have it on good authority from Kelopitis who heard
it from Oblivious that Kimla and Amp are the same person,
and they got busted by the imms and had to choose which one
to get jarred."

At that, Myrel snorted skeptically. "No, really, think about
it," Kichibo urged. "They both showed up around the same time.
They were both always on, which means they were both always
on at the same time, and then suddenly one of them is gone
and the other is still there."  Kichibo ticked off her finger,
"Also, did you ever hear Kimla talking anytime Amp was on-line
saying something?"

Auxerre chimed in from the table across the room where the
spring rainers were sharing a dip Servous had brought in.
"Yo spellers, you know Kimla never says anything, so that
hardly proves anything." Nysno and Stormwynd nodded in
agreement.  As if to confirm Auxerre's point, for those who
glanced surreptitiously at the sprite table, Kimla could be
seen head down into his/her/its lunch in the corner, seemingly
oblivious to the conversation.  At another table, Solon
sidelined to Atreyu, "I heard Kimla speak once."

There was a brief pause as everyone contemplated the theory.
Suddenly into the silence Dahlia blurted, "Vote for Avatar!"
From the corner, Rhiannon said, "Welp, looks like we're being
paged. Time to get back to work." There was the rustling of
paper bags as everyone packed up their remaining scraps,
half-eaten cookie donations, and miscellaneous trash before
heading off to the infirmary.


Player Submissions – Request for Poetry!

The Gazette staff would like to put out a call for your
AVATAR-themed poetry!  Dazzle us with fun and creative ways
of working your favorite game into your rhymes!

The top submissions will be published in the next issue of
the AVATAR Gazette, and the winning entry will be given a
special, temporary place within AVATAR itself and its creator
will receive a nice little bag of goodies!

And finally, the schedule for future calls for submissions:

Deadline                     Topic
November 15th                AVATAR-themed poetry submissions
December 31st                Draw your character! (any medium)


AVATAR Spotlight – A Conversation with Pulse
by Anessa

Naught but Illusions
[Exits: No Obvious Exits]
Clouds. Dreams. Hopes of a future - conceptions of a past. Fleeting
moments of substantiality in a world of ghosts. No grasp and no
basis, no forever nor a never. All is shifting: apparitions. Drift
with the flow, burn with the glow, calm. Perfect paths are misleading.
(White Aura) A shimmering reflection of yourself pulses slowly.
The menace of illusions is all there is.

Pulse smiles at you and tips its hat.

You say 'Hiya'

Pulse exclaims 'Hi Gazette!'

You say 'Thanks for spending some time with me, Pulse.'

Pulse says 'My pleasure.'

You say 'Before we get into the usual mud stuff...I like to
learn a bit about the person behind the Immortal.'

You say 'Anything you'd like to share...like, location,

Pulse asks 'You mean in that thing called 'real life'?'

You say 'Yeah that..'

Pulse says 'k..'

Pulse says 'To probably surprise a few people, English is not
my native language. I am from Germany, but have spent the
last few years in Britain, with some stints in South Korea.'

Pulse says 'During days, I work as an architect, for physical
buildings that is.'

Pulse says 'which is a very good job, enjoyable, but also busy.'

You exclaim 'I bet!'

Pulse grins.

Pulse says 'Hobbies, well, it used to be martial arts, movies,
books, music etc., but during the last two years that all got
a bit beaten into a pulp juggling a day job and a part time

Pulse says 'I am back on track though and now have more time
again to see friends, go to art exhibitions and other nice

You say 'Sounds like a busy life.'

Pulse says 'I like it that way, just have to cut down on
sleep time.'

Pulse nods at itself.  Is it senile?

You exclaim 'And you still have time to moonlight as the
architect for AVATAR!'

Pulse says 'Yeah, that is a very fun thing to do :)'

You ask 'How did you find this place we all now call home?'

Pulse says 'I first happened onto muds through the suggestion
of some friends in the mid-90's, but when I changed track
from studying math to architecture I lost my internet access
from the university labs.'

Pulse says 'Avatar I found during a student exchange year
that I spent in Korea - I was looking for some place that was
a bit 'western'. This was relevant at the time as Christmas
and New Year were just without importance there at that time.'

Pulse says 'And it worked and got me hooked :)'

You ask 'So we were a bit of home, eh?'

Pulse says 'Yep.'

Pulse says 'Still is. I have been moving around quite a bit,
and Avatar has been one of the constant elements during the
last years.'

You ask 'How long have you been an Immortal?  And how did that
all begin?'

Pulse says 'At some point I decided that I wanted to get involved
in the 'generative' side of the mud, in whichever way. I had
participated in building contests and that was my preferred
target. However, at the time the design team was the only one
that allowed applications - so I sent one in, got an interview
and joined that team.'

Pulse says 'It went on from there, and soon I was working for
design, builder and web track.'

Pulse says 'In 2006 (so says my help) I was offered an Immortal
role, and since then have been working on all sorts of projects,
some visible, some less so. Well, and now being design lead is
probably one of the better places to be :)'

You say 'Sounds fun.'

Pulse says 'It was a lot of work, but I enjoyed most of it.
During the initial stint I was unemployed, so I had a lot of
time on my hands as well.'

You say 'That definitely helps.'

Pulse says 'hehe :)'

Pulse says 'Well, these days I just have to juggle the time
better between the various obligations :) Or I run into trouble
with my Girlfriend :)'

You say 'You've not gotten her hooked yet? (on the game, I mean!)'

Pulse says 'nope, she strictly resists, although she accepts
that it is a very important element of my life.'

Pulse says 'There is always hope though...'

Pulse grins evilly.

You say 'I think a lot of guys here would love to know how you
managed that.'

Pulse says 'haha.'

You ask 'So, before I get to your current project.. what have
been some of your more favorite projects?'

Pulse says 'Not sure I can answer that easily :P'

Pulse says 'I really liked building the Transfigured Forest,
and I regret a bit that I do not have enough time for building
areas atm.'

Pulse says 'The website re-design was good - and then there is
Miraar, which is just a really simple idea resulting in a good
twist of gameplay.'

Pulse says 'On a grander scale, I am really happy with how the
Legend concept is coming together now - and that has a lot of
future potential, too.'

You exclaim 'Nice segue!'

Pulse grins.

You say 'I know you've put a ton of work into Legend...'

You say 'any future plans you can share with us?'

Pulse says 'Legend was a very good collaborative effort. We
tried to organise it as a team project with elements distributed -
and this worked out pretty well.'

Pulse says 'Future plans...'

Pulse says 'Well, no real secrets anymore I think :) Legend
gets elements of online-building, Paladin gets a proper
facelift, bladedancer gets some new Lord skills, room affects
are coming your way - which could result in loads of interesting
twists, potentially more timed events ... many things.'

Pulse says 'But next on my plate is _finally_ finishing the
writing down of the Paladin design doc so that Malaclypse and
Daeron can get going on it.'

Pulse says 'And so that I can focus on Legend online building. :)'

You say 'Legend online building...'

You ask 'Can you elaborate on just what that means?'

Pulse says 'The plan is to allow adding of rooms, doors, traps,
guards of various types to the areas that are controlled by a
legend team. That way the teams are no longer the same and a
team really determines its protective measures.'

Pulse says 'The areas are no longer the same...'

You nod solemnly.

Pulse says 'That will require quite a bit of work in the
background first - but I like that.'

You ask 'First I've heard of this.. is this a juicy tidbit the
Gazette gets the pleasure of releasing?'

Pulse says 'Grin, sure :) I might have mentioned it somewhere
before, but not as a general announcement :)'

You exclaim 'Thanks!'

Pulse says 'No problem.'

Pulse winks suggestively.

You say 'One thing I've experienced with Legend, and something
I'm curious about, is the length of the Epochs.'

You say 'The plan is for them to last a bit longer, I would

Pulse says 'Yeah, it is very quick atm - I expect this to slow
down when the online building is available to the teams that
are being invaded. If you can throw 20 more mobs into the final
node that requires protection, or can take some mobs along
with you to invade another zone  - that should help.'

Pulse says 'So, at this point I do not think I need to artificially
slow them down, but expect the speed to change in the nearish future.'

You say 'You've really helped AVATAR develop into what it is
today...and I think I can say that everyone does appreciate all
your hard work.'

Pulse dives behind the menace of illusions and hides.
The menace of illusions challenges Pulse to a fight.

You giggle.

Pulse smiles happily.

You say 'I like to finish up my interviews, asking what advice
you'd give to players.'

Pulse says 'In general I would advise not to get too hung up
on numbers - but then, some people enjoy that a lot.  Enjoy,
and treat Avatar as a game and other players as people.  We
got a great variety of personalities here, and while that
leads to some clashes it also leads to surprisingly good
friendships.  Balance the taking with some giving.'

You exclaim 'Excellent advice!'

Pulse grins.

You say 'Thanks again for letting me spend some time with you

Pulse says 'And advice to staff and Immortals - play :)'

You say 'Even better advice :)'

A hush falls over the realm of Avatar as the
Legendary Silver Team stands victorious.
The Legendary Silver Team has restored you.

Pulse says 'My pleasure :)'

You exclaim 'Speaking of legend!'

You bow before it.

Pulse says 'and thanks for the good work on the Gazette.'


Wings - Observations from the Cloud
By Kenji

Several of the other Angels have written awesome articles
about what it takes to become an Angel of AVATAR, specific
skills that we're looking for, reasons to petition to join the
host, and the personal satisfaction that they've gotten out
of flying the Midgaardian skies.

I've been Angeling for several years now, and I can't even
put into words how much I've enjoyed my time on the cloud.
(Flying as an Angel, I mean, not right after getting smashed
by a bigger mob.)

Unfortunately, over the years, I've seen the privilege of
being an Angel abused a couple times, so I'd like to talk
about what being an Angel is NOT about.

Let me dispel a few myths right off the bat. Angel is not a
path to power. If you want to become an Imm, learn how to
code, build, or according to DaWiz, fullban an entire country.

Angel is more of a position of responsibility. You're
responsible for nurturing the new players of the realm.
Older players, tenured lords and legends rarely need to call
on the assistance of an Angel. And if you look at the typical
playercounts, there are usually only a couple mortal
characters logged on at any time.

So, another thing that Angel is not, is a fast-paced, hell
raising, caffeine fueled job. In fact, it's quite the opposite.
As an Angel, you frequently spend a great deal of time hanging
out on the cloud, reviewing old helpfiles that you haven't
viewed in years (hmm... HELP RULES-CR), and chatting on various
channels. In fact, socializing is a big part of being an Angel,
so Angels need to be friendly and approachable.

Another common misperception is that Angel is a way to be
"In the Know". As an Angel, you frequently come across little
tidbits of information, observe rule violations, or just little
things that pique your interest. Unfortunately, you rarely get
the "big picture" or hear about the end result once you pass
that information on to an Immortal. That's okay. It's part of
our job to be the eyes and ears of the Immortal staff (let's
face it, they can't be everywhere at every time), but we're not
immortals, and we aren't part of the decision-making process.

Speaking about being "In the Know," another bad assumption is
that Angels have greater power, access to special Imm privileges,
or can use their Angel to help their play characters. In fact,
quite the opposite. Angels are expressly forbidden from using
their Angel alts to help their play characters, or even anyone
they were grouped with. It might be really tempting for me to
log off an alt and go save my party with a quick "whisper,"
but it's a sure way to get my feathers plucked by Dalthane when
he finds out. And he will, believe me!

If anything, Angeling slows my progression as a player, because
I divide my time between my play alts and my Angel. Part of
the time that I would otherwise be doing the usual "surge,
torment, sanc, sleep, wash, rinse, repeat" cycle is spent
hanging my toes off the edge of Nimbus. That's okay, I enjoy
Angeling and chatting as much as I do leveling.

I hope the last few minutes have given you a better appreciation
of what being an Angel is really about, and what it is not. And
if you've been on the fence about petitioning to become an Angel,
please don't hesitate to speak with an Angel or Archangel, and
ask any questions you may have. Enjoy!

-Archangel Kenji


Thoughts From The Dark Side by Kariya

Pet peeves. We all have them.
Since today is not one of my best days,
I am reminded of them.

I hate pointless waiting. It is one of my biggest pet peeves.
For that matter, I also don't like spending time on things
that don't do much for me.

Waiting on trains, planes and automobiles is fine as long as
I know how long I have to wait and why.  The irritation starts
(and trust me it starts right away) when there are delays for no

That reminds me of last month when I made my trip to the USA.
I was at Newark airport customs, and the three people in front
of me did NOT have their paperwork ready.  AARGh. It's such an
easy thing to do before you even get off the plane. Don't do it

And of course our line had the friendly officer who allowed
them to fill it in while at his desk.  Most of the time they
just send people to the back of their line. But not this time.
I think I rolled my eyes a few times, but tried to pretend to
be calm.  If there's one place you don't wanna stand out it's

One of my other huge peeves is people that get caught up in
details and talk everything to death.  Sometimes I get caught
up in it as well (it's SO easy to go along with a discussion)
but when I try to get to a goal, and others don't keep that
goal in mind it triggers a certain type of reaction.

Little insight into my world; I have a coworker who is the
perfect nitpicker (and I mean that in a good way!)  Give him a
detailed assignment (a list or a document) and he will go
through it, find all flaws and write them down.

He is not however the person that should come up with fixes
and quick solutions.  Because he gets bogged down in nitpicking
(and I mean that in a bad way!).  Unfortunately for me, I have
to work with this person quite a lot.  He just got promoted
within his team, which means he is my counterpart for planning
and processes.

The reaction that he triggers is not good. Anger wrapped in
Sarcasm.  No matter how hard I try, it becomes so difficult to
listen to their argumentation and reasoning.

Of course I'm sure I annoy others as well. My "so be it" attitude
must grate on people.  The fact that everything seems like a
joke to me has to make some people want to kill me.

By the way...you have no idea how much it helped to write this
little rant.  Just venting has put things into perspective and
I think I'm almost ready to sit down again with this coworker.



Flashback! - Got a Spell Alt? by Glissade

Every good Flashback! article should start with the words,
'You may be too young to remember this, but...'

Picture yourself in the year 2004.  The time is Day of the Sun,
Month of the Grand Struggle. The Patriots and Panthers are
battling it out in the Superbowl, but you don't care. You're
glued to your lifeline, clickety clackety tapping away.
Groups form, reform, venture forth, return bloodied but
victorious back to Sanctum.  Throughout all of this is the
undercurrent of a smooth-running age old process, the spell
alt ritual.  The babbling of hero chats: "Anyone want to
trade spells?" The murmur of group tells: "Got a spell alt?"
The ever present plea: "Anyone got steel?"

In those days if you were new, you joined groups and hoped
that your group mates would be able to spell you.  Not enough
mana to go around?  Tank gets full spells, hitters get sanc
and hit spells.  If you were a tank and your group mates
couldn't spell you, you'd ask to swap spells with someone on
herochat.  If you were a new person going solo, then you might
offer your paltry spells in hopes of getting a spell-up in

Back in the day, I had a four-alt spell-up. It was a little
embarrassing, but necessary. The macros alone required three
alts due to the level and mana requirements, plus one for
out-of-class bark (no druids back then!). Later on I added
steel to my repertoire, but in those days it was not unusual
not to know whether you were going to be lucky enough to swap
with someone who had steel.  I'm sure I disappointed more
than one unlucky recipient, as they patiently waited through
my manual relogging ritual, spells ticking down until I
finished my Werredan/Shizaga/Athiest spell-up (Kra became an
option in April 2004).

Those who didn't have a spell alt could ask for donated spells,
or just make do with whatever spells they could self-cast.
We all had self-spell aliases for when a trade couldn't be found.
Mmm, macros by single spells in order to save mana, those were
fun times.

Enter Ramko.  Who is this marvelous, mysterious person who
calls for people to beg to be allowed to enter his queue?
We lowheroes eagerly hang out around Sanctum, waiting for our
turn to be called, ready to leap to his room at a moment's
notice when it is time to receive his beneficence.  Maybe
there's a little bit of Ramko's spirit being channeled in
every bot today. And when there's a void felt from lack of
a steel bot, everyone who logs in to steel others adds to
Ramko's legacy of spells freely given and heartfelt thanks


RECIPE CORNER, by Essenceroses

Spooky Halloween Treats, anyone?
(Editor's note:  I’m not sure what’s so frightening about this
Mac and Cheese recipe.. sounds yummy to me!)

This hearty spin on classic mac 'n' cheese features blue and
mozzarella cheeses, bacon, and onion. Try it with cavatelli
or campanelle for a change of pace from elbow macaroni.

4  strips bacon
1  large sweet onion, thinly sliced
6  oz. dry elbow macaroni
8  oz. mozzarella cheese, shredded (2 cups)
2 to 4  oz. blue cheese, crumbled
1  cup half-and-half or light cream
1/8  tsp. pepper

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. In a large skillet cook
bacon over medium heat until crisp, turning once. Drain bacon
on paper towels; crumble. Reserve bacon drippings in skillet.

2. Cook onion in reserved bacon drippings for 5 to 8 minutes
or until onion is tender and golden brown. Set aside.

3. Cook elbow macaroni according to package directions. Drain
and place in a 1-1/2-quart casserole. Add the crumbled bacon,
onions, 1-1/2 cups of the mozzarella cheese, the blue cheese,
half-and half, and pepper. Toss gently to combine.

4. Bake, uncovered, for 20 minutes. Stir gently. Top with the
remaining mozzarella cheese. Bake for 10 minutes more or until
top of casserole is brown and bubbly. Let stand 10 minutes.

Prep: 20 minutes
Rise: 1-1/2 hours
Bake: 35 minutes
Cool: 2 hours
1 16-ounce loaf frozen bread dough, thawed
4  ounces sliced mozzarella cheese, diagonally cut in half
4  ounces sliced cheddar cheese, diagonally cut in half
1  3.5-ounce package sliced pepperoni
1  8-ounce can pizza sauce
1/2  cup red, green, and/or yellow sweet pepper strips
1  strip roasted red sweet pepper
2  pimiento-stuffed olives

1. Place thawed bread dough on a lightly floured surface.
Roll into a 22-inch long rope. Place on a large greased baking
sheet forming a "snaky S" shape. Let rise in a warm place for
1-1/2 to 2 hours or until double in size. Bake in a 350F oven
for 20 minutes or until lightly browned and bread sounds hollow
when lightly tapped. Remove from baking sheet to a wire rack.
Cool to room temperature.

2. Hollow out the center portion of the loaf about 1-inch deep
and 1-1/2-inches wide, leaving about 2-inches on each end of
the loaf. Layer cheeses down the center of loaf, pressing
cheese slices down into the hollowed portion of the loaf. In
a medium bowl, stir together the pepperoni and pizza sauce.
Spoon atop the cheese. Top with the strips of sweet pepper.
Place on a greased baking sheet and bake in 350F oven for 15
to 20 minutes or until heated through and cheese is melted.

3. Make a slit in the front of the loaf and insert a roasted
red pepper strip for a tongue; insert two pimento stuffed
olives with toothpicks for eyes. Makes 8 servings.

This kooky face is made up of classic breakfast favorites:
bacon, sausage, English muffin, and an egg.

To make it, follow these steps:
1. Start with a toasted English muffin, cut in half.

2. Put a sunny side up egg on one muffin half, and a sausage
patty on the other.

3. Use ketchup to make the egg eye appear "bloodshot" and to
create a pupil in the middle of the sausage patty.

4. Place a pepperoncini under the English muffins for the nose.

5. Cut strips of sweet red pepper for the hair and arrange
above the muffin halves.

6. Crisscross 2 pieces of bacon for the mouth.

7. For a finishing touch, add a dash of black pepper in the
middle of the egg for the pupil.


Ask An Angel
Why Would I Want to be a Psionicist? by Snyggve

The difference between a psionicist and a mage lies in the
ability to acquire power. Mages obtain strength harnessing
energy in existing matters, while a psionicist uses mental
power to bend the world to its advantage.

Young psionicists will early on learn and master the arts of
telekinesis. Rumors tell of a talented illusionist capable of
hurling heavy objects at his foes with destructive effects.
As a psionicist progresses he will learn more complex telekinetic
qualities. With a strong mind and wielding a dancing weapon,
a Hero psionicist can deliver tremendous damage to his opponents.

Rumors of the talented illusionist also tell of a skin-crawling
experience when he concentrated deeply to conjure a mass of
raw psionic energy leaving only devastation in its wake.
Armed with a mighty mind there is no telling what madness you
will face encountering a psionicist. Detonation, weapon rush,
deception, ego whip and dart is only the beginning of its huge

Possessing telekinetic skills allows you to manipulate and
twist objects as you please. Psionicists and even mindbenders
are known to transmute items, giving them added benefits
because of the lack of brute knowledge. But hey - who needs
to know how to wield two heavy swords when you can fling a
sword at your enemy from a distance?

A psionicist gains access to convoluted defensive spells such
as steel skeleton and anger management. The ability to
manipulate objects and even tissue is so developed that the
user may alter bodies, and even change the smallest particle.
It is known that psionicists are able to make themselves and
others faster, stronger and tougher with their higher level
of knowledge.

High level psionicists have attained so much experience that
they can look in adjacent rooms without being there, and even
see while sleeping! In fact, even sensing and utilizing the
combined anger in a group can feed an experienced psionicist,
making telekinetic spells even more powerful.

Very talented and inherently gifted psionicists with no doubt
in what to believe may focus on telepathic skills and change
into mindbenders. The difference between a psionicist and a
mindbender becomes very clear after having seen a mindbender
in action. If you are able to concentrate at all and don't
have nightmares that is...


Tips and Tricks – Transferring Quest Points By Anessa

Even though the help file shown below is fairly straightforward,
when it comes down to actually writing the note, most folks
get confused about exactly how to transfer quest points.
Below are the important points to remember:
- The sending/receiving alts must be on your altlist.
- There is a fee for transferring.  That amount needs to be
  noted separately so we are sure you understand the cost.
- You must send a note to ALL THREE folks listed: Kariya,
  Malaclypse and Anessa
- If multiple alts, the number to transfer and fee MUST be
  shown for each.
- Fees are taken from the sending alt's total.
- More than one sending alt can be listed on a single note.

Example: (in-game board 2 note)

Note to Kariya Malaclypse Anessa
Note subject: QP TRANSFER

All quest points to be transferred to alt Gimme

Receiving alt: Gimme (hero 51)
Sending alt Takie (hero 999)
Transfer 100 qp’s
Total fee (10%) 10 qp’s.

Sending alt takietwo (lord 1)
Transfer 35 qp’s
Total fee (20%) 7

We hope this helps clear up some confusion with how to format
the note requests.  Please do remember to expect it to take up
to 3 or more days for the transfer to take place, especially
if there are several transfers taking place.

A player may transfer quest points amongst characters that are
registered on the player's altlist.

There is a fee associated with the transfer of quest points.
To transfer quest points, you will lose the following:

** If the sending & receiving characters are in the same tier.**
The fee is 10% of the QPs to be transferred, on top of the number
you transfer. So if you want to send 100 QPs, with a 10% (equals
10qps) fee, you must have 110 points on the sending character.

** If the sending & receiving characters are in different tiers.**
The fee is 20% of the QPs to be transferred, on top of the number
you transfer. So if you want to send 100 QPs, with a 20% (equals
20qps) fee, you must have 120 points on the sending character.

Legends are treated as Lord tier for QPs. Meaning there is no 20%
but a 10% fee when transferring QPs from a legend to lord alt.

If the fee has a fraction of .5 or more in it, it will be rounded

If you wish to transfer questpoints please do the following:
Send a note to Kariya (Quest track head) Anessa & Malaclypse
(Deputies) on board 2.  Make the subject "QP TRANSFER". In the
body, put:
- name of the sending char(s)
- name of the receiving char
- total number of questpoints to be transferred
- number of questpoints to be taken as fee.

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Command of the Month - SAVESPELL saves spells!
by Glissade

Has it really been three months?  SAVESPELL was introduced to
the world of Avatar in late July 2009.  For those of you who
are new to Avatar and have never known anything different,
here's what the deal was. When spells were cast on you, their
duration would begin ticking down as long as you were on-line.
But if you logged off, the spells wouldn't tick down and could
be saved until next time. People would get spelled, then "log
alts" to "save spells."

With savespell, now you can stay on-line and keep your spells
from ticking down, as long as you are in a "safe" room (the
ones where you get a booming voice telling you that you can't
fight), your HP and Mana are exactly 100% full, and your movement
points are almost full.  See "help savespell" for the other
requirements to make it work.  Config +savespell turns it on,
keeping your spells from ticking down.  Config -savespell turns
it off, allowing spell durations to once again start ticking down.
The benefit is that your group doesn't need to wonder which
alt you are running, and doesn't need to wait for you to log
on when the run begins. You can all just hang out together in
sanctum, fully spelled and ready to go. Also, since spells don't
tick down, it becomes less important how fast spells are cast on
you because they all stay frozen at max duration until you leave
sanctum. If you have trouble casting concentration, then perhaps
you might cast it first, regen your mana to max so that savespell
will work, and then get the rest of your spells.

One downside is that when you finish a run, you might have a
few minutes of sanc or frenzy left. Once you are regenned to
full and idling in sanc, you need to remember to config -savespell
to turn it off, so that your spell duration can tick down.
Then once your affects are all gone, don't forget to
config +savespell again for your next spell-up. It doesn't hurt
to have an easy-to-remember alias, one for config +savespell,
and one for config -savespell.

See also: CONFIG


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